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Jack Watts has an A.B., from Georgia State University; an M.A., from Baylor University; and has completed everything except for his dissertation for a Ph.D. from Emory University. He has worked for nearly three decades in marketing, serving Christian ministries and publishers. Jack has five children and nine grandchildren.


Blood Moon Judgment—Moon Series Vol. 5

BloodMoonJudgment (2).jpg
BloodMoonJudgment (2).jpg

Blood Moon Judgment—Moon Series Vol. 5


Blood Moon Judgment is like fireworks on the 4th of July. As the events culminate, there are twice as many things happening, and it ends with a bang. According to Jack Watts, "I actually think this is the best book in the series so far. Blood Moon Judgment has as many twists and turns as a river. It's everything you would expect and more. You will not be disappointed."

REVIEW 1: Full of intrigue and suspense, the Moon Series, takes you by the hand and won't let go! Jack Watts is witty by nature and this transcends throughout his books. The true-to life-accounts of the emergency room drama give us a new appreciation for doctors and nurses…to say the least. The characters develop throughout the 5 books in the series and you find yourself wanting to know about them and become immersed in their lives.Some you would like to befriend -I will miss them! The thugs, if you will, play a significant role and Jack Watts is brilliant in his research, helping us understand the lives of assassins and their mindset. Start with the first and progress in order to fully comprehend and appreciate this fascinating series.

REVIEW 2: This book was unbelievable and yes, it was the best of the series as each book does build on the one before it. I loved the plot twists and especially how all the many story lines are woven together to come to a climax at the end of not only this novel, but five novels. I recommend that each reader starts reading early in the evening because you will not want to put this book down. Jack Watts is an excellent writer and did a wonderful job on the Moon Series. Give yourself a gift of all 5 books because it is a very entertaining ride!

REVIEW 3: Just finished reading "Blood Moon Judgment". I thought it was going in one direction and I was completely taken by surprise to find out it went in a completely different direction. Well done.
This is typical of a Jack Watts novel. He never fails to keep up the suspense or keep you guessing. Although you can pick up any book and enjoy the read, I recommend reading the novels in order. You will be very pleased.

REVIEW 4: This is the best book in the series. Of course, I felt the same way about the previous 4. The story line goes where you never could imagine that it will. That's what makes this series so fantasic. It is not predictable at all! Each character whether lovable or hateable, will have you captivated. I would recommend this series to everyone. The only disappointment I have is that this is the final book. Mr. Watts, please write another!

REVIEW 5: Brilliant and Masterful ending to the series! I recommend these novels be read by everyone who loves mystery, suspense, and colorful characters. They were page turners for sure. Now, I'm waiting for a new series; a spin-off would be delightful. I'm hoping this will be made into a movie very soon! Congratulations, Jack Watts, you are a VERY entertaining author!

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