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Jack Watts has an A.B., from Georgia State University; an M.A., from Baylor University; and has completed everything except for his dissertation for a Ph.D. from Emory University. He has worked for nearly three decades in marketing, serving Christian ministries and publishers. Jack has five children and nine grandchildren.


Full Moon Frenzy


Full Moon Frenzy


Beginning in a busy emergency room in Atlanta, an unkempt patient named Terrance Bruce, complaining of constipation, uses the restroom sink rather than the commode to “do his business,” prompting the charge nurse to send the police to detain him for a psychological evaluation. Delusional, Terrance firmly believes he has been targeted for assassination because of "what he knows" about the President and the Illuminati.


When the police show up at his apartment, Terrance is prepared. Slipping out through the back door, he narrowly avoids being captured. As he makes his escape on foot, passing over a bridge, he is nearly run down by a speeding, white SUV. A woman, Joy Fortune, who is also on the bridge, narrowly misses being run down as well. To avoid the SUV, Terrance jumps over the bridge, hitting his head against a rock. The woman, however, uses a tree branch to pull herself out of harm’s way. Joy runs away, but Terrance can’t. When he is finally discovered and taken to the ER, Marla-Dean Bennington, M.D., tries unsuccessfully to save Terrance, but his fall proves to be fatal.

 What appears to be an unexplained accident to everybody other than Joy, isn't—not even close. A small boy, watching events unfold from his bedroom window, is the only other witness. The real target, Joy, is hiding from her past, which has apparently caught up with her. Consequently, she skips town but is pregnant with a child fathered by one of two lovers—both key figures in this unfolding mystery.

The hero, Sean Kincannon, fears he has been the cause of the “accident” because he was drunk, having blacked out at the wheel, while his car was still running. Scared sober, Sean goes to AA, where he meets Marla-Dean who is also in recovery. Sean and Marla-Dean connect soon thereafter and become a sober version of Nick and Nora Charles—detectives from The Thin Man movie series in the 1930s—as they try to solve the puzzle about what really happened on the bridge behind Joni P’s Restaurant the night Terrance died. 


Terrance’s best friend, Bill "Pencil" Steiger—a bitter, delusional alcoholic—takes over the job of “Saving America.” To aid him in his investigation, Pencil intercepts secret messages sent by Megan Kelly, but only when Pencil is wearing his telepathic University of Georgia football helmet. This galls LSU's most ardent fan, but he acquiesces—hero that he is. Clues provided by The Kelly File supply Pencil with leads and directives to help him figure out what really happened. As Sean and Marla-Dean seek to discover the truth, Pencil pursues an alternate investigation—one based on his grandiose aspiration to save America from the President and the Illuminati.


There are several suspects—all of whom have motive, means, and opportunity to run down Joy Fortune. As the plot unfolds, it appears the answers may be revealed from discovering more about Joy’s past. Traveling to New Orleans, Sean begins to uncover the truth about who is behind the murder with help from a beautiful investigator, Miller Thyme.


As Sean gets close, he becomes the target of the drug lord. As the events culminate, the person responsible for Terrance’s death attempts to assassinate Sean, only to be thwarted by Pencil, who is forced to remain undercover, despite his desire to be acclaimed a national hero. Nearly mortally wounded, Sean is saved and restored to health by Marla-Dean. The couple wed soon thereafter. 

Trade Paper: 299 pps. 


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